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We are waiting for you!

NEKOM is always searching for people who love commerce. If you are searching for a familyfriendly job, with nice colleagues and interessting projects, please contact us. 
You like to work remote? Great, feel free to contact us, we don't care were you sit, only what you deliver.


Product Owner

As a "PO" you are the face to the customer. You like to discuss new features, plan them and translate them into developer language. You know how to work with JIRA, Prezi and Excel and you understand how modern retailers work. 



As a tester you love to find bugs in enterprise software. You know how to create testing plans and how to manage multiple tests in a structred way. You are able to work wir JIRA and TestRail and you understand how modern retailers work.


Software Developer

As a Software Developer you are able to work with languages like JAVA EE or Go. You know everything about communicating over REST or GRPC and you are interested to learn new methods of developing and refactoring code.