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NEKOM Retail Service Platform

NEKOM is not aiming to be the best warehouse manager or shoppingcart system, there are others who can do that better. NEKOM is the best engine to bring them together for running a successful business in a very short time. NEKOM focus is on real time integrations of different systems, control of the main retail processes and automate the backend work so the retailer is able to focus on selling.

Commerce in the core

Every NEKOM installation is delivered as standard so that you can sell your products immediately. In addition you get a full CRM module and an eCommerce PIM to refine your data.

Modules and Services

With NEKOM you can reach your customer across all touchpoints they use. (onlineshop, mobile app, voice commerce, Bots, Car….).
The modular architecture of NEKOM enables you to integrate new shopping channels or new business requirements in very short time. The powerfull REST API enables third parties to integrate NEKOM data and workflows in their apps or to push data into NEKOM very easy. 

Know How 

NEKOM is not only the software, there are also the commerce experts in NEKOM. NEKOM founders have more then 100 years of experience in bootstrapping and managing ecommerce and multichannel companies. Well known companies like OSRAM Gmbh or Andreas STIHL AG are using the Know How of NEKOM.


NEKOM Services

NEKOM offers a range of services that can also be booked separately. Thus you can start very simply and fast with single, smart modules.


The address check enables you to check the correctness and deliverability of the entered address in real time. At the same time, a check against your blacklist is carried out.

Email Check

The emailcheck enables you to check the correctness of the entered email address in real time. At the same time, a check against your blacklist is carried out.

Fraud Prevention

Due to various rules in NEKOM, your customer is checked for suspected fraud in real time and the possible payment methods for this customer are reported back to the shop.

Inventory Management

Easy and fast inventory management with multi-warehouse management is the key to success for your multichannel strategy.

eCommerce PIM

A simple PIM system that meets all the requirements of the modern retailer offers NEKOM. Additionally this PIM is connected to Cloudinary and other DAM systems

Order Managment

An international order management system with different order types and the possibility to create invoices, return notes, delivery notes for B2B and B2C.

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