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Scaleable Omnichannel
for high-growth brands

Gain control across all your retail and wholesale channels. Fullfill your orders fast and secure. Manage your payments automatically based on many process steps. Take care about your customer's issues and solve them quick.

Commerce API

Don't get overwhelmed with managing transactions, shipping, orders, and catalog updates across multiple platforms. With Commerce-as-a-Service, NEKOM consolidates and streamlines your operations under one control panel.

Sell Everywhere

Don't care about your new store in the city, or your new pop up store. With NEKOM cashregister you can sell in a few minutes where ever you want.

B2B Selling

NEKOM automatically recognizes B2B Transactions and creates the Invoices etc. for your B2B Customer. You can also manage different prices for your B2B Customer. 

Voice Control

Took your morning coffee and now you want to know how much orders you had yesterday? Ask your Alexa, with the installed NEKOM Skill you will be up to date when ever you want.

  • FRAUD PREVENTION - NEKOM has an integrated rule engine to prevent you for financial fraud.
  • PCI Certified - NEKOM is certified and is inspected by an external company every 3 months.
  • WORLDWIDE COMMERCE - NEKOM is developed to enable you for international commerce
  • INTEGRATE WITH OTHERS - NEKOM is developed to communicate with other systems. So connect your Jira or your BI Tool or something else and use the information you need where you need it.

NEKOM Service Platform

Scaleable Omnichannel

B2B Suite

Digital transformation without technology


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Partner Ecosystem

A collection of integration partners focused on making commerce efficient and seamless for everyone.


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